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Wicked Good Band -- State O' Maine tape

The First, The Original. Available again after WAAAY too much time out-of-print. Replace your old, worn-through copy now and put another copy in the safe. You don't ever want to be without this Maine treasure again.

Titles include: Maine Humor; Massachussetts Institute of Driving; Hello, Ken; Numb as a Hake; People from Away; Lawn Ornament Modelling; The Ornament Zoo; Happy Hiram's Cow Country; 'Neath the Rumford Moon; Rock'n'Roll/Party; Coburn Bore, Folksinger; The Old Maine Philosopher; State O' Maine

PLEASE NOTE -- This a cassette tape. It is NOT a CD. No CD is available of this title.


NOTE ON SHIPPING CHARGES: We will manually adjust the shipping charge for orders which contain ONLY CDs shipped to a Maine address and send the order via First Class rather than Priority Mail. Up to three CDs the charge is $3.00 and then $.50 for each additional CD.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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