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Compilation disc containing all material from BERT & I plus MORE BERT & I. A full hour of stories and Maine humor from the masters -- Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan.

BERT & I tracks: Bert and I/Kenneth Fowler Goes Hunting/Camden Pierce Goes to New York/The Sassage/The Lighter Than Air Balloon/Which Way to East Vassalboro?/Which Way to Millinocket?/The Long Hill/The Liar/Mad Dog/Down East Socialism/Down East Religion/Albert's Moose/Virgil Bliss/Chester Coomb's First Born/Arnold Bunker Testifies/The Body in the Kelp/The Long Fezzle/Harry Whitfield's Trip

MORE BERT & I tracks: More Bert and I/Tin Roof/President Harding/Not Just Yet/The Lament of Age/The Sleeping Porch/The Punt/Old Blue/The Plane Ride/Poorly/The Return of Virgil/Government Fly/The Little Gull/Harry's Return


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