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Fifty years ago two Yale students named Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan cut the first Bert and I album and stepped into the history books as the godfathers of the genre of Down East Humor. Of course those stories had been circulating in one form or another for many years as part of a rich oral tradition in Maine. But Dodge and Bryan cleaned them up, popularized them, and pushed them into the mainstream.

This CD is a compilation of the best routines selected from the four original Bert and I CDs plus stories taken from BERT AND I ON STAGE and THE DOWNEAST SMILE-IN television show featuring Marshall Dodge. All 34 tracks on this commemorative CD have been digitally remastered for clarity.

TRACKS: Bert & I/Which Way to Millinocket?/The Liar/The Body in the Kelp/Mad Dog/Arnold Bunker Testifies/Down East Socialism/By a Fluke/Directions/The Chicken Truck/The Silent Chain Saw/Gagnon/Bear in the Spring/Texas vs. Maine/The Captain and the Lady/Birth Control/Virgil Bliss/Too Late, Mr. Perkins/Camden Pierce Goes to New York/Virgie and Hettie/The Whole Load/No News/At the Graveyard/Lewis Bayard and the Judge/Suicide/The Pet Turkey/The Lament of Age/The Plane Ride/One Heckuva Draft/Beginner's Luck/Set Her Again/Two Lobstermen/Muddy Walking/Census Taker

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