Return of Bert & I  PLUS  Bert & I Stem Inflation

An hour of classic Downeast humor from the masters -- Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan. Contains all the material from THE RETURN OF BERT & I plus BERT & I STEM INFLATION.

RETURN OF BERT & I --- The Return of Bert and I / Directions / Gagnon / The Return of Virgil Bliss / Harry Sleeps at L.L. Bean / By a Fluke / The Silent Chain Saw / M'am Hacket's Compost Heap / At the Graveyard / The Stove with the Powerful Draft / The Captain and the Lady / The Chicken Truck / Harry Startles Wiscasset

BERT AND I STEM INFLATION --- Bert and I Stem Inflation / No News / Bear in the Spring / The Pet Turkey / Too Late, Mr. Perkins / Texas vs. Maine / Frost, You Say? / Life Insurance / Lewis Bayard and the Judge / Bert and I and the Bricks / Bert and I Solve the Energy Crisis / Buryin' / The Whole Load / Suicide / The Insect Powder Agent / Cutler Harbor / Bear and the Slicker / Conversation on a Train / The Clam Quartet / Birth Control / Bottle Squatting / Harry Whitfield Flies to NY


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