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Wicked Good Band -- Maine Cookin' CD

Maine's own Wicked Good Band serves up another hilarious helping of topical humor and satire about life (or the lack of it)in Maine. Selections include: Ballad of the Sensitive Guy; Gray; Italian; When it's Mud Season in Phillips; Pass-A-Dum-Keag; Shoot-A-Moon; Manifold Magic; Hussey's Heart; Oh My Achin' Back; Clams; Buried in Bingham; Maine Cookin' (second helpin'). Just add coffee and a molasses donut for a Wicked Good dining experience. **************************

NOTE ON SHIPPING CHARGES: We will manually adjust the shipping charge for orders which contain ONLY CDs shipped to a Maine address and send the order via First Class rather than Priority Mail. Up to three CDs the charge is $3.00 and then $.50 for each additional CD.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

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